The Fair Internship Initiative (FII) is a coalition of several organizations and individuals who believe that unpaid internships represent a de facto discriminatory practice, in contrast to article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We ask the United Nations, its specialized agencies, its field offices, as well as other international organizations to be coherent with their own values and lead by example, by introducing quality and accessible internship schemes that provide financial coverage for basic living expenses for interns, as well as a true professional learning .

The Fair Internship Initiative is a co-founder of the Global Intern Coalition.

The Fair Internship Initiative advocates for the following goals:

Equal and fair representation of interns at the United Nations

    • Take appropriate affirmative action to ensure balanced and fair representation of youth from developing and least developed countries, and from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds


Establishment of an intern living allowance

    • Provide monthly stipend to interns, if they are not funded by a university or other institution, to cover basic living expenses (accommodation, food, transport) for particular duty station


Establishment of a UN Intern Focal Point who will:

    • Maintain intern focal point network by coordinating with intern focal points across UN missions and agencies
    • Implement comprehensive intern tracking system (from candidate to staff member status)
    • Monitor the diversity of intern intake in terms of country of origin and socio-economic background
    • Provide comprehensive information regarding visa, banking, housing, and health insurance (informally and via yearly updated Internship Handbook)
    • Share knowledge with potential candidates regarding institutions that provide funding during recruitment process
    • Ensure supply of necessary work equipment (desk, computer, email address, access to office supplies)
    • Create partnerships with universities globally, attracting diverse individuals from variety of socioeconomic backgrounds
    • Organize career development sessions and intern social events