Mission Statement

The Fair Internship Initiative is a coalition of interns, young professionals, and individuals who believe that unpaid internships (especially) at the United Nations represent a discriminatory practice. The Fair Internship Initiative (FII) advocates for internships at the United Nations that are of high quality and accessible to qualified young people from diverse backgrounds.
With constituencies in New York CityGeneva and Vienna, the Fair Internship Initiative currently engages with Permanent Missions and the wider UN system. Working towards better inclusion, recognition, and safeguarding of young people working for the UN.
The FII is a proud member of the Global Intern Coalition, a network of organizations aiming to improve workplace rights for interns worldwide.
Our Goals
  • Establishment of a stipend for interns: To cover basic expenses if interns cannot be funded by university or other institutions (accomodation, food, transport)
  • Equal and fair representation of interns: Affirmative action to ensure balanced and fair representation of youth from developing and least developed countries and from all socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Establishment of an OHRM intern focal point: Provide comprehensive information regarding visa, banking, housing, and health insurance. Monitor the diversity of intern intake in terms of country of origin and socio-economic background.
We ask the UN, its specialized agencies, field offices, as well as other international organizations to be coherent with their own values and lead by example, by introducing quality and accessible internship schemes, regardless of socio-economic standing, by providing remuneration for their interns.