Creating a transparent labor market to end unfair working conditions for young people

Why do we need a transparent labor market?

The first professional experiences are too often a source of difficulties. For millions of young people studies alone are not enough to find a job; employers asking them for professional skills and experience they have not yet acquired. Internships, apprenticeships and other first professional experiences, are now compulsory to access employment. Unfortunately, most of them are poorly designed, precarious and sometimes abusive. Without transparency, practices do not improve and youth face a problem of equal opportunities.

What can we do? → #WeRate

From November 10th International Interns Day onwards, all young people will be able to rate their first working experiences on  to create the largest database on the quality of young people’s first work experiences. Each young person will be able to look for the evaluations by companies, sectors, geography. Think of it as the ‘glassdoor’ for internships.

The goal is to

1) encourage companies to improve their practices

2) give tools to universities to better orient their students,

3) help young people better integrate into the job market.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria and quality indicators were co-created with more than 25 youth organizations from 6 countries and 300 young people. They are based on the European Label for Best Internships and the European Charter for the Quality of Internships and Apprenticeships (developed by InternsGoPro and the European Youth Forum respectively). They constitute a unique standard, recognized by the European Institutions as a reference for all professional sectors.

An international campaign

In 3 years, we intend to collect and publish 100,000 evaluations of 10,000 companies internationally.  Rate your internship today!

[Geneva] International Interns’ Day 2017 – “Youth Empowerment through Fair Internships”

International Intern’s Day : Youth Empowerment through Fair Internships

On November 3rd, the Fair Internship Initiative organized with the support of the ILO Intern Board, the discussion “Youth Empowerment through Fair Internships”.

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