News – 2018

All articles in bold refer to the Fair Internship Initiative.


  • Pay Your Interns, Corporate America – Bloomberg, 16 April 2018 – ”Organizations who don’t pay their interns don’t recruit from a pool of the best possible talent, but rather from the most privileged people seeking to break into their industries. That’s a bad outcome for both sides.
  • Dear interns, we’re sorry. We should have warned you about sexual harassment. – USA Today, 22 March 2018 – “We’ve learned that workplace sexual misconduct is about abuse of power. And those with the least power are the most vulnerable. That’s you, the bright, ambitious, idealistic, eager-to-make-a-good-impression intern. We now know what a target that can make you. And how little protection you may have had.

  • The Hidden Price of Unpaid Internships:Graduates Reveal How The ‘Elitist’ System Stopped Them Getting Ahead – Huffpost, 19 March 2018 – “A degree is worth “absolutely nothing” without unpaid internships, according to graduates who say they were left disheartened and disadvantaged when they couldn’t afford to work for free to progress their careers.
  • For Women’s Day, one woman tells her story of harassment during mandatory, unpaid internship – CBC, 8 March 2018 – “Gabrielle Bouchard, president of the Fédération des femmes du Québec, says Bissonnette’s story is not uncommon — female interns are particularly vulnerable to harassment and often feel they’re not in a position to report it.

  • La précarité des stagiaires onusiens – LeTemps, 25 February 2018 – “«J’ai souvent dû rester tard pour effectuer le travail des employés, car mon département ne pouvait pas leur payer les heures supplémentaires», confirme un ancien stagiaire.”
  • UN interns strike over pay, diversity – The Phnom Penh Post, 21 February 2018 – “Chary said the half-day strike was not about “spoiled interns” asking for money, but was done in solidarity with those who were financially precluded from getting a foot in the door.”
  • Intern abuses go unheeded – Bangkok Post, 19 February 2018 – “The core principle of the so-called “cooperative education” programme is to help vocational students gain on-the-job work experience. However, many students are paid the minimum daily wage or even lower…
  • Faire un stage ne facilite pas l’accès à l’emploi – Le Temps, 26 Javier 2018 -“Pour Anastassia, 29 ans, les stages représentent «de nouvelles barrières à l’entrée». «Mes parents sont retournés vivre en Russie. J’avais donc un loyer à payer pendant mes études de socio-économie. A l’inverse d’autres étudiants, je ne pouvais pas me permettre de faire des stages non rémunérés à tire-larigot.» “
  • The interns who fought back: ‘I was reimbursed £4,600 for an unpaid internship I did four years ago’ – The Telegraph, 13 January 2018 – “Chris Jarvis, for example, successfully claimed £4,600 from Sony, the multinational technology and entertainment giant, after working unpaid for three months.