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Lifting the veil off UN internships

This is the first independent report on UN internships written by the Fair Internship Initiative using the 2017 Global Internship Survey data.

Background Note on Internships at the United Nations

This note provides insight into the current legal status of interns at the United Nations. It references UN resolutions and other developments that affect the position of interns within the organization.

Letter to the 5th Committee of the General Assembly

Proposal to the 5th Committee of the General Assembly

This letter was sent to the 5th Committee Member States of the General Assembly in October 2016.  The letter and proposal puts forward the case for more inclusive, diverse and quality internships at the UN. And most importantly requests for a Secretary General report.

Letter to the Secretary-General

This letter was sent to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in August 2015. The letter expresses the concerns of the several intern organizations in the world, and asks for a constructive dialogue on concrete proposals to improve the quality of internships at the UN.

Letter from the French Minister of Education

In this letter from December 2015 to the initiative Génération précaire, the French minister of Education calls upon Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to reconsider the UN internship policy.