List of academic reports and other studies done on internships.

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Composition of the Secretariat: gratis personnel, retired
staff and consultants and individual contractors – UN General Assembly – April 2018

Lifting the veil off UN internships – The Fair Internship Initiative – February 2018

Internships – Unpaid, unadvertised, unfair – Dr. Rebecca Montacute – The Sutton Trust – Edition 20: January 2018


Access to and Returns from Unpaid Graduate Internships[Discussion Paper] – Angus Holford – ISER, University of Essex and Institute of Labor Economics- June 2017

Are Women Paying a Higher Price for a UN Career? – Henrik Ryden – Impact Pool – 15 June 2017

Understanding the Impact of Unpaid Internships on College Student Career Development and Employment Outcomes – Andrew Crain – NACE Foundation – 31 January 2017

The Inbetweeners The New Role of Internships in the Graduate Labour Market – Carys Roberts – Institute for Public Policy Research – April 2017


Unpaid Work Experience in Australia: Prevalence, nature and impact – Dr Damian Oliver (UTS), Professor Paula McDonald (QUT), Professor Andrew Stewart and Associate Professor Anne Hewitt (University of Adelaide) – Australia Commonwealth Department of Employment – December 2016




Internship or Indentured? – The Sutton Trust – November 2014


The Experience of Traineeships in the EU – European Commission – November 2013


The Debate Over Unpaid College Internships – Dr. Phil Gardner – Intern Bridge – 2010